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Widely recognised as one of the most important influencers in persuading potential readers to opt for your book rather than someone else’s, the design of your cover and the font that’s used for the text can make a real difference to your sales. The marketplace for books is a very competitive one, writers need every advantage possible to ensure that their book stands out from the others for the right reasons. This is where Sprout Design can help, Sprout Design offer book design Canberra writers can use to give their work the appealing, professional look it needs to optimise their chances of a sale.

Book Designer Canberra Based

Sprout Design are able to design a cover and layout that’s tailored to the subject matter or genre of your book. When you use us for your book design, you’ll benefit from:

– An imaginative, high-quality design that showcases the key themes of your book in an attractive manner
– Carefully designed text which tempts the reader to find out more without giving too much away
– A design that’s adaptable enough for an e-book or real life, paper copy
– As well as design, Sprout Design can also arrange for your book to be printed if required
– Chose from one of our proven layouts, or Sprout Design can create a bespoke layout

Over the years Sprout Design has created designs for a wide range of book designs, including:

– Non-fiction: corporate literature, how-to books, manuals, recipe books and technical books.
– Fiction: anything from adventure, thriller and crime works through to romance, sci-fi, fantasy and children’s literature.

Let Us Complete The Entire Project For You

Sprout Design have the ability to successfully complete every stage of your book design, from initial discussions with you to identify the key themes and messages you wish to convey through to sourcing appropriate imagery, finalising the layout and coming up with suitable text, Sprout Design are able to get the entire job done. If you’ve already got an idea of what you want, Sprout Design can transform your thoughts into an engaging reality. For writers who haven’t got a clear vision for their book cover, Sprout Design can come up with a selection of design concepts for you to chose between.

Our aim is to provide every client with a high-grade, polished book design that’s exactly what they’re looking for. Sprout Design take the time to listen to our clients, identifying what’s important to them and ensuring those priorities are reflected in the final book design. Contact us now to discuss your book design now.